Destined with the Bad Boy

Destined with the Bad Boy

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Destined with the Bad Boy by Justcallmecai (Cai Meneses)

We don't meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a certain reason.

Frans Abigail met Christan Apxfel several times. Christian is the campus' bad boy and heartthrob.

Frans caught Christan's attention when she almost hit him while driving the car. To settle this, he offered a deal that Frans never imagined to get involved. Christan threatened her to accept the deal that would change their lives.

Their relationship went well and Frans described it as perfect. Suddenly, Christan received an unexpected health teast result. He decided to leave Abigail without any explanations, thinking that he could avoid hurting her.

Frans was devastated but tried to move on. Then one day, she found out that Christan came back and continued to study in the university that they planned to enroll before.

Will this be their second chance? Or just another heartache? Are they really destined for each other?