Rebellious Love

Rebellious Love

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Rebellious Love by Ayami Lu (Yumi Lu Panda)

Loathing the man who was responsible for her brother's death, rising international and elite car race driver, Vera Victoria Alteza, swore on her brother's funeral to never forgive Ezekiel Al Steele.

But four years of living in a fast lane, she returned home and faced Zeke again, inevitably bringing back old feelings she thought she had buried long ago along with her brother's grave.

But Zeke wasn't the same man she had known. He's alone and lonely and it was all because of her. Driven by her guilt and sense of shame, she raised to slay his demons that she had created around him. But in order to do that, she must face her shameful guilt first and confront her suppressed feelings all at once.

But, will it be enough to save his dying soul?