Owned by a Billionaire

Owned by a Billionaire

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Owned by a Billionaire by Patyeah (Patricia Nicole Danao)

"People can do unimaginable things for the ones they love."
Cassidy Margaux Hurdiss intentionally broke the heart of a man who has always loved her. She had to set him free so he could fulfill his lifelong dream to be a successful business tycoon in New York City.

Four years later, Aaron Ceyx Monteverde comes back with money, power and a thirst for revenge. He is determined to make Cassidy regret her wrong decisions. So when the opportunity presented itself, he immediately grabbed it.

Cassidy is rich, filthy rich; or so she believed. Because the next thing she knows, she was sold to a billionaire.

Amor vincit omnia. Love conquers all. But will it really?