Garnet Academy by Justcallmecai

Garnet Academy by Justcallmecai

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Garnet Academy
Author: JustcallmeCai (Cai Meneses)
Other works: Destined with the Bad Boy, Forever with the Bad Boy
Published by: Psicom Publishing Inc.
SRP: P195
Size: 5.25 x 8
Pages: 352
Edition: Paperback
Language: Filipino, English
Genre: Romance
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Garnet Academy is a prestigious and popular, yet latent school where students studying there are divided into four casas. First is the Flamma, the highest of all or the sons and daughters of the rich and powerful tycoons; Terra, the second one; Aqua, the third spot; and Aeris, the lowest and the most ignored one.

Then there’s Beatriz Paige Santiago, the daughter of a business tycoon. No doubt that she’s a Flamma, but she needs to hide it in order to be safe. So she came in the school, pretending to be an Aeris.

But what will happen if she meet this Flamma boy who seems to be such a danger? Kairon Pierce Gonzalez, the commander, the president of the student body, got his eyes on her.

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