Inquiring By Re # 13 Reply

How to submit manuscripts?

Re How to pass manuscript By word_craftsman # 14 Reply

Must it follow a certain format? If so, what is it?

Booksigning By Viena # 12 Reply

When will be the next booksigning?

No title By Lorin # 11 Reply

is He’s Into Her by maxinejiji still available?

fan art By rhinoa bianca torres # 10 Reply

hi i want to send my re zero fan ary to otakuzine do you know how?

Yanajin is officially banned on wattpad. By Trisha # 9 Reply

Yanajin is officially banned on wattpad.

Inquiry By Brokenstring # 4 Reply

Hi. Paano magpasa ng manuscript dito? :) ty

Re No title By Curiosity # 5 Reply

I am also eager to know that answer to that question

Re So do i By Kushiro # 7 Reply

Gusto q rin malaman kung pano.

Re No title By AsseneJ # 8 Reply

Same, i badly want to know.

No title By Anonymous # 6 Reply

Alegria Boys Series still available??

Otakuzine By Webz # 3 Reply

Are Otakuzines and Otaku Vault still available?

Welcome By PSICOM # 1 Reply

Welcome to our on-line store!

Re Paying By Kathleen Millena # 2 Reply

Can i Pay for cash? Because I dont have a Credit card or Paypal!

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